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Any family business irrespectively of the size, the industry or the generational stage is eligible to become member of FBN Greece.


A Family Business is defined as:


  • Any company in which two or more family members are involved and the majority of the ownership control lies within the family, or
  • Any second or more-generation company with at least one representative of the family formally involved in the Governance of the firm, or
  • Any listed company in which the family possesses 25% of the decision making right mandated by their share capital.


At FBN Greece we have a tiered fee structure based on the number of family members that will have access to our services as outlined below: − Family Business Fee (4+ family members) 3000€ − Family Business Fee (up to 3 family members ) 1500€ − Individual Member Fee 800€ − NxG Individual Fee 500€


By becoming a member of the Greek Chapter, you automatically become a member of FBN International, the world’s leading network of Family Businesses which has 12.566 active family members in 65 countries, of which 5.485 Next Gens. In parallel you get:

National events

Access to a wide range of events, company visits and workshops organised locally throughout the year.

Hides the current language

Discounted rates to attend the international events organized by FBN International, which offer unique opportunities to connect with international family firms of all sizes and industries as well as with international family business expert.


Access to events, workshops organized by other local chapters abroad.

Advanced research

Access to advanced research, publications and case studies in the field of family business.

How to join?

If you are interested to become a member please fill the attached form and forward it to us.